Ropem Injection


Ropem Injection (MeropenemUsp 1000mg) + wfI

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Ropem Injection (MeropenemUsp 1000mg) + wfI

  • Contains Meropenem 1000mg.
  • Broad spectrum B-lactam antibiotics.
  • Active against gram positive, gram negative and anaerobic bacterial
  • Binds to penicillin binding protein and disrupts bacterial cell wall integrity and synthesis.
  • Ropem is stable to dehydropeptidase-1 enzyme responsible for the degradation of some carbapenems.
  • Ropem is administered intravenously as white crystalline powder i.e dissolve easily.
  • Ropem is used in the treatment of skin and skin structure infection, appendicitis, peritonitis, meningitis.

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